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The Search is on…again

August 26, 2011

Well, last Friday I was let go from yet another job…just consider me a second time victim of the economy. I’ve decided that it’s a good thing though, a very good thing. As most people that have asked me about my job know, I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing there and I am most thankful to have found a way out.

Being unemployed is fun for a time {the afternoon naps have been awesome} but there’s only so much cleaning, organizing and crafting I can do in our one bedroom apartment before I begin to get bored. So on with the job search I go. Please keep me in your prayers as I venture back into the world of resumes, interviews and hopefully job offers!



August 8, 2011

This past week Mark and I took part in a few local events and as such have officially dubbed ourselves true Austinites.

Wednesday we laid out on the grass at Zilker Park, eating Kerbey Lane chips and queso while listening to the Old 97’s play during Blues on the Green. We went with a few good friends and greatly enjoyed the fun, relaxing evening. The next night we went on a double date of sorts with one of my soccer friends and her husband to South Congress for 1st Thursday. After dinner at Guero’s we walked the streets of SoCo laughing at the street performers and checking out the many vendors that were set up selling their jewelry and wares. I bought a great photo print from a local photographer and we finished off the evening with a little dessert at Amy’s Ice Creams.

On Saturday morning Mark and I decided to go on a little hiking excursion and hit up Mount Bonnell and the 360 bridge area. The views of downtown from atop Mount Bonnell were great but the hike was less than exciting {if you could even call it a hike} but the rocky cliffs near the 360 bridge did not disappoint.

On our way up to the top of the lookout on the west side of 360 we stopped to watch a couple of rock climbers repel down the steep cliff on the east side. From above we had an amazing view of the bridge and Lake Austin and we¬†hiked a trail that followed the cliff’s edge for a while before heading back down once the temperatures got too hot for comfort. Woo hoo for free Austin hiking adventures!