Two Years Gone By

A couple weeks ago Mark and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We went to a nice dinner downtown and enjoyed each others company while walking the streets of Austin afterwards. It’s so hard to believe that our wedding was two whole years ago; I guess time does fly when you’re having fun. It’s funny though because I feel like I can still remember every detail of our big day…

  • Lou Mandy picked me up on our way to begin the day at the hair salon but we were running a little late so we drove on the then “closed” Knob Hill Rd because it was faster.
  • Getting to see all of the beautiful sunflower arrangements for the first time.

  • Looking at pictures on someone’s digital camera of Mark seeing his surprise apple cake.
  • Peeking through the window of our dressing room to watch all of our guests arrive.

  • The minute or so alone with my dad just before we walked down the pathway to the ceremony.
  • The cow heard mooing from a field nearby during our wedding vows.

  • Trying not to look Mark directly in the eyes because I knew I was going to cry.
  • The amazing feeling of walking into our reception and seeing every single person that I love filling the room.
  • Seeing people having such a fun time with the iMac photo booth.

  • Dancing my last dance with my Papa.

Though it’s hard to decide on a favorite moment or piece of our wedding day, I’d have to say that spending time with my family and friends was by far the best part of it all…well, that and actually marrying the man I love!



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