DIY Fun: Play Kitchen

This little DIY project has without a doubt been my favorite project of all time and I am soooo happy with how it turned out. I don’t currently have any kids nor am I expecting one any time soon so I can’t exactly say why I chose to take on this project in the first place other than it looked like fun! My inspiration came from this Vintage Songbird post and many other similar nightstand makeovers on Pinterest.

I found the nightstand on Craigslist; the curved edges of the top surface and the sturdy wood construction were what first caught my eye.

Thanks to a little help from my dad and some of his tools I cut the sink hole with a jigsaw, added some supports for the interior boards and lightly sanded the whole piece.

I used Kiltz oil-based primer to help the paint stick to the surface more easily.

After the primer dried I applied two coats of semi-gloss, no VOC paint that had been color matched to my curtain fabric. The backboard is half inch oak plywood that I had cut to size at Lowe’s. I painstakingly cut out the curves with a hand saw and then sanded like crazy to get it smooth because said jigsaw from earlier in the project was no longer in my possession {thank God for power sanders}.

I pried off one of the drawer faces to use for the oven door and attached it using a 12 inch piano hinge. Am I the only one that finds installing hinges to be extremely confusing?

This is where things started to become more fun…the faucet is an upside-down “L” painted silver and screwed in place from below, the faucet handles are glass knobs from Hobby Lobby, the stove burners are painted wooden plaques hot glued in place and the burner knobs are just painted wooden knobs screwed in from below. I made sure to leave all of the knobs a little loose so they would be able to turn.

And now for some after shots…

The two shelves were made from some leftover backboard pieces and the framed scrapbook paper serves as a dry erase board for grocery lists or doodling.

I love it…love, love, love, love it! Now what to do with it? I guess it’s up for sale!

Source List

  • Craigslist: nightstand
  • Salvation Army: stainless steel bowl
  • Dollar Tree: oven light
  • Michael’s: wooden “L” & craft paint
  • WM: wooden burner knobs
  • Hobby Lobby: faucet knobs & wooden plaques
  • Lowe’s: primer, paint, drawer pull, magnet clasp, oak plywood, piano hinge & paint brush
  • Items already owned: curtain fabric, curtain dowel, oven rack, picture frame, screws & nails.

Total work time: about 15-18 hours including shopping time {excluding paint drying time}


6 Responses to “DIY Fun: Play Kitchen”

  1. Whitney Says:

    If I could please be reincarnated as your future child, that would be great! :) So impressed.

  2. savannah Says:

    haha me too, me too!

    your stuff is always disgustingly perfect. :) always love seeing your new projects!

  3. Tammy Rand Says:

    You continue to amaze me – I love it too – almost as much as I love you!!

  4. savannah smith Says:

    what does inside the oven look like?

    • britneyanne Says:

      it’s just wood, I put a cookie cooling rack in there too…I was going to paint it white but then forgot to, haha

  5. Judy Putnam / nana Jude Says:

    How creative, Britney! I knew you were clever but this is fabulous. Wonderful work. Loved seeing it. love, Nana Jude

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