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November 4, 2011

Is October really over already? Where in the world did my favorite month go?! I read a quote online somewhere that said the days are long but the years are short…AMEN.

I’ve been a little disconnected from this blog lately, notice I said this blog…yes, there is another. My dad recently “commissioned” me to start a new blog for Sunfood Farm through which I’m sharing various recipes I’ve tested that spotlight vegetables grown in his garden. It’s been fun so far and his customers are loving having the blog to turn to when they need ideas for how to cook with their vegetables. The site is if anyone is interested.

Things around here have been pretty busy with multiple trips to Houston to see family, soccer season coming to an end and the upcoming holiday season. On top of all that we’ve been a one car family for almost a month now; Mark’s car was totaled in a mild rear-ending accident {it wasn’t his fault and everyone was fine}. Since I don’t work, having only one vehicle isn’t the end of the world but there are times when it requires some planning ahead. We actually had a 4Runner for about 48 hours but then our over-thinking practical selves decided we didn’t want to commit to being SUV people just yet; sometimes I hate how responsible we are, haha {not saying that owning an SUV makes you irresponsible, we just didn’t have a legitimate reason to own one besides the fact that we wanted to}. We’re still looking to buy another car soon but nothing out there is really wow-ing us right now so we’re taking it slow.

This little guy was our best effort at pumpkin carving this year, I got the idea off of Pinterest. I think he’s pretty cute.

My 25th birthday was one of the best yet…Mark and I went down to south Congress and spent a some time at my favorite store, then grabbed some food across the street at Coat & Thai.

One unexpected surprise came when I put on my watch for the first time that day; I’ve only had it for a few months so I’d never seen the little birthday cake that pops up for your birthday. Simple things like this are what make me the happiest.

The next day we had dinner with my parents at Monument Cafe in Georgetown and afterwards we all huddled in the car while I opened presents because it was so chilly outside…what a memory! The most meaningful gift by far was the small square that my dad passed on to me; it was my grandpa’s when he was a carpenter and I can remember my dad using it for all of his projects in the shop at home. I’m looking forward to using it for all of my future projects too :)