New Year’s ReVolutions

I love the beginning of each new year; I always find myself filled with so much hope and excitement about making a few overdue changes and adjustments in my life. Edie says it better than I know how…

“I am a complete sucker for a fresh start. The new year is like manna from heaven.

I’m overwhelmed with list-making and dream-seeking and soul-searching. Hope swells and washes the memory of past failures clean.

I couldn’t care less that I’ve made this list 20 times before and didn’t follow through with it.

As a matter of fact, this tendency toward renewal and resolution  wasn’t even our idea.

We borrowed it from our Father who promised new mercies every morning and fresh starts ‘seventy times seven’ times.

I completely believe deep down in my heart that this year will be different. You couldn’t convince me otherwise if your life depended on it.”

Amen sister. What an amazing attitude to adopt…who cares if there are those few resolutions that appear on my list year after year, it’s OK to fall short because there will always be another fresh start, in Jesus.

I’m a list-maker at heart so I never miss the yearly opportunity to compose a list of self improvements and 2012 was no different. Except this time it was a little different; I wanted to shoot higher than I ever have before, I wanted to “make resolutions with reckless abandon.” So I did.

– Always be joyful, inside and out. {1 Thess. 5:16}

– Pray continually; be thankful for every tiny gift. Set aside time with God daily. {1 Thess. 5:17-18}

– Live healthy: be active, eat more veggies, drink more water.

– Read at least 20 books…feed your brain!

– Be in the moment, relish this chapter of your life.

– Explore new hobbies.

– Use your God-given talents to serve others. {1 Peter 4:10}

– Love more intentionally.

Here’s to a wonderfully blessed 2012.


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