To the West Coast!

After five long months of waiting, the day has finally come when we can officially announce that we are moving to California! To make a really really long story short enough to put into one paragraph…way back in September Mark was given the heads up about a job opening in CA and we jumped at the opportunity after much thought and deliberation. Fast forward a couple months and things still hadn’t progressed because of a few new management hires and some internal restructuring. Then, just as we were starting to get really frustrated with the whole situation, Mark began working in CA as a sort of trial run to ensure he was a good fit for the job. And now, nearly four weeks later, we have the official offer letter!

I’ve been out here with Mark all week long and we’ve been feverishly searching for a new place to call home. It has taken us a few days to pick our jaws up off of the floor get over the sticker shock of living in California but we’re slowly getting used to the idea of paying twice as much per month {but that doesn’t mean we like it!}.

Deciding on whether or not we really want to move to another state hasn’t been easy but after much thought and a lot of prayer we’ve come to the conclusion that staying in Texas is the safe and easy thing to do and 20 years down the road we would never forgive ourselves for missing this great opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, take some risks and have some fun doing it.

Leaving our family and all the wonderful friends we’ve made here in Austin is definitely going to be the hardest part about this move {not to mention the cheap housing, low gas prices and real Mexican food}. I’m going to miss playing with my soccer team, being only an hour from my parents, seeing maroon and orange everywhere and the overall friendly-ness of Texans. There are many reasons why this decision is so hard, and in a way, that’s how we know it’s the right one. We know in our hearts that Austin will always be there for us and we hope to be back in a few years when we decide to settle down permanently.

I can’t begin to describe how relieved I am to be able to share this news, news that our lives are about to change in a way much bigger than we could ever have imagined. We’re taking a huge leap and to be honest it’s a little scary for our conservative-control-freak-selves; but if we can’t take a leap of faith and do something scary and unknown in our mid-twenties {when we have almost nothing to lose}, then when can we? We would greatly appreciate any prayers, good thoughts and blessings that you could send our way as we embark on this new adventure together!


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