In the City

While in California for a week prior to the move, after having already nailed down a place to live, Mark and I spent a day in downtown San Fran…our first of many, I’m sure.

We saw and did a handful of the typical touristy things while we were there including riding the cable cars…

…visiting Union Square for a little shopping…

…we ate a crab-filled lunch on Pier 39 and then hiked our way up Lombard street to get a view of Coit Tower…

…and on our way out of the city we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. The majority of the day was beautifully sunny but just as we began to think to ourselves that living downtown might be fun, the fog and cold mist rolled in and I immediately regretted ever having such a thought. The fog was crazy thick, so thick that we could barely make out the bridge’s towers as we were driving over it.

We’ll definitely be visiting the city again in the future, hopefully the weather will be more cooperative. I’m looking forward to the summer months because apparently there is a free concert series that takes place in the city parks, kind of like Blues on the Green in Austin. This little excursion is surely the first of many more to come as we begin to explore the state and I even created a new category entitled California Adventures in which to put them all :)


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