Go And Do

About four months ago while visiting our favorite South Congress junk shop in Austin we bought three vintage flashcards which read “go and do” with the idea that we wanted this phrase to be our motto once we moved to California.

After unpacking all of the picture frames I grabbed the largest one that I had, put the flashcards inside and started building a photo wall layout around it. Once I had my collage of frames just right I transferred them onto a large piece of paper and traced each one, marking exactly where the nail would need to be to hang it. Then I taped the paper to the wall and simply hammered nails in through the paper on my marks.

After removing the paper all I had to do was hang the frames and make a few little adjustments. I found this method for hanging frames on another blog and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before, it makes the process so easy!

With our flashcards setting the stage, the surrounding frames all include pictures or mementos from our various trips. Right now most of them are from Boston and Maine but over time they will begin to fill with accounts of our California adventures as well. I kind of like the idea of always having at least one empty frame on the wall, as if it’s waiting to be filled with something new…


2 Responses to “Go And Do”

  1. jacobspence Says:

    oh wow. this is the best idea ever. thank you.

  2. britneyanne Says:

    Thanks :)

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