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Homemade Ice Cream

May 18, 2012

Over 30 years ago my parents received an ice cream maker as a wedding gift; we used it countless times over the years on the 4th of July, at birthday parties and on random summer nights. That same maker is still kicking today and with all of the great memories it provided for our family my parents decided to buy Mark and I one for our wedding as well, to carry on the tradition. We’ve only used it a handful of times over the past two and a half years but we’ve enjoyed it very much.

I can just imagine the fun we will have making ice cream with friends, with family and with our kids someday. Here’s hoping that this one will last us 30+ years as well!


Yuba River

May 16, 2012

Our goal yesterday was to go with the flow and “fly by the seat of our pants,” and that’s exactly what we did. I rode along with Mark to a meeting he had in Grass Valley because afterwards we wanted to go hiking along the Independence Trail. But after our GPS took us to a completely random location {and we were a good 25 miles away from the trail} we stopped along the Yuba River and followed a little path down to the water.

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking…the river’s current was swift but there were calm side pools perfect for wading, the water was incredibly clear and there were tons of large rocks to climb and sunbathe on. Of course, the water was pretty chilly but in the heat of the summer I’d bet that this is the perfect spot to hang for an afternoon.

Just up river we visited Bridgeport, the longest single span covered wood arch bridge in the country, built in 1862. Sadly, it was closed to foot traffic due to structural issues but we were able to peek our heads inside and smell the hundred and fifty year old timber.

I love days like this when we have no plans, no timelines, no expectations and we walk away with pictures and memories.

Our New Home

May 7, 2012

When we first visited what would be our new home in California we were greeted by lovely tangerine walls and a purple kitchen, it was anything but pretty. Luckily we were able to look past the paint and after confirming with our landlord that we would be allowed to change the colors we signed our lease and moved our things in. Here’s what the place looked like just a few days after the move; this view is from the living area looking towards the kitchen opening and dining space that we are using as an office.

This shot is from the doorway looking towards the living room {kitchen is on the right}.

After much deliberation we decided to invest in some high quality furniture that would be with us for years and years to come instead of going the inexpensive route. The only problem with this choice was that we had to wait 4-6 weeks for our furniture to be built and shipped. So we set our TV on the coffee table and blew up an air mattress to sit on and that’s how it we lived for 5 weeks.

When the furniture arrived last Friday I was so relieved to finally have a place to sit, now if we ever have friends over our living area won’t look like a scene out of a college dorm room. I was also very relieved to see exactly what the sofa looked like with the fabric I had picked out; all that I had in the store was a 1’x1′ swatch and a white version of our sofa so it took a little imagination to picture it. The fabric is more grey and less brown than it looks in the photo below.

Here’s the same view as before, looking towards the living area from the entryway.

The desk area is serving as Mark’s little home office complete with his territory map on the wall.

It finally feels like a real home! This is the first time that we’ve ever bought new furniture together and the funniest part about it all is that we find ourselves purposefully sitting on the extremities of the sofa so we don’t cause it to sag in the middle over time. We have already watched a couple movies sitting 2 feet away from one another, each of us on opposite ends of the sofa, haha.

Reno & Truckee

May 1, 2012

With all of the traveling opportunities provided to us by Mark’s new job we literally have yet to spend a single weekend at home doing nothing. It’s more than a little exhausting but we’re enjoying it while we can because when I start working we won’t have as much flexibility.

Last Saturday Mark had a conference in Reno so we drove up Friday night and went out to explore some of the casinos. It’s definitely a wanna-be Vegas but I guess it gets the job done especially if you live close enough to drive there. We decided to forgo wasting our money at the black jack tables and instead spent $20 in the arcade; it was the most fun hour and a half that we’ve had together in a while. We pooled our ticket winnings and had enough to buy an over-the-door basketball goal and two Tootsie Rolls…perfect :)

On our way back through the mountains on Saturday afternoon we stopped in Truckee for dinner. I absolutely love the feel of this little mountain town, it’s very quaint and simple {not to mention only 10 minutes from the slopes}.

After dinner we walked around the downtown area with its handful of shops and dives; I would move here in a heartbeat if I could.

Just outside of Truckee we stopped at a vista point and were blown away by the view of this gorgeous valley. The picture doesn’t do it justice, the incredible expansiveness is nearly impossible to capture.

Though it’s difficult to see, there is a small house on that mountain, with no neighbors or city lights to worry about I’m sure. How amazing that must be to live somewhere so secluded and detached from the world. Whenever I experience sights like as this one I always feel an urge to go home, rid my life of every superfluous thing and move to such a place…what a dream that would be.