Reno & Truckee

With all of the traveling opportunities provided to us by Mark’s new job we literally have yet to spend a single weekend at home doing nothing. It’s more than a little exhausting but we’re enjoying it while we can because when I start working we won’t have as much flexibility.

Last Saturday Mark had a conference in Reno so we drove up Friday night and went out to explore some of the casinos. It’s definitely a wanna-be Vegas but I guess it gets the job done especially if you live close enough to drive there. We decided to forgo wasting our money at the black jack tables and instead spent $20 in the arcade; it was the most fun hour and a half that we’ve had together in a while. We pooled our ticket winnings and had enough to buy an over-the-door basketball goal and two Tootsie Rolls…perfect :)

On our way back through the mountains on Saturday afternoon we stopped in Truckee for dinner. I absolutely love the feel of this little mountain town, it’s very quaint and simple {not to mention only 10 minutes from the slopes}.

After dinner we walked around the downtown area with its handful of shops and dives; I would move here in a heartbeat if I could.

Just outside of Truckee we stopped at a vista point and were blown away by the view of this gorgeous valley. The picture doesn’t do it justice, the incredible expansiveness is nearly impossible to capture.

Though it’s difficult to see, there is a small house on that mountain, with no neighbors or city lights to worry about I’m sure. How amazing that must be to live somewhere so secluded and detached from the world. Whenever I experience sights like as this one I always feel an urge to go home, rid my life of every superfluous thing and move to such a place…what a dream that would be.


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