Yuba River

Our goal yesterday was to go with the flow and “fly by the seat of our pants,” and that’s exactly what we did. I rode along with Mark to a meeting he had in Grass Valley because afterwards we wanted to go hiking along the Independence Trail. But after our GPS took us to a completely random location {and we were a good 25 miles away from the trail} we stopped along the Yuba River and followed a little path down to the water.

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking…the river’s current was swift but there were calm side pools perfect for wading, the water was incredibly clear and there were tons of large rocks to climb and sunbathe on. Of course, the water was pretty chilly but in the heat of the summer I’d bet that this is the perfect spot to hang for an afternoon.

Just up river we visited Bridgeport, the longest single span covered wood arch bridge in the country, built in 1862. Sadly, it was closed to foot traffic due to structural issues but we were able to peek our heads inside and smell the hundred and fifty year old timber.

I love days like this when we have no plans, no timelines, no expectations and we walk away with pictures and memories.


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