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Bookshelf Refresh

June 19, 2012

My dad and I made this bookshelf together back in 2000 and it has stayed with me throughout high school, college and now married life. I had always liked its unfinished look but over the past few years Mark and I have gravitated more towards darker woods in our furniture choices and it just didn’t fit in very well next to our dark walnut desk.

So I grabbed a leftover can of primer and got to work. I set up a little painting station out on our balcony and used a mini roller and a brush to apply the one coat of primer. It was so terribly tedious and it took FOR-E-VER…so long in fact that I changed my painting plans and decided to go the spray paint route.

And thank goodness I did because it only took me about an hour to apply three nice and thin coats of spray paint where it definitely would have taken me at least three hours to do three coats of regular brush/roll-on paint {including drying time}. I used up 5 cans of Rust-Oleum in ultra white gloss, about 2 cans’ worth of which ended up contributing to the ozone problem and 1 can’s worth of which stuck to my arms, legs and face {I remembered the hat and mask but should have worn long-sleeves and pants too…hindsight}.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest {in which I spend way too much time} I came across the idea of applying fabric to the backs of the shelves using ModPodge. I found this pattern at JoAnn’s, cut the pieces using approximate measurements then cut them exactly to size by laying them inside the shelves and marking the inside corners with a pencil. Using a cheap throwaway brush I applied one coat of ModPodge to the inside of the shelf then laid the fabric on top of it; once it was dry I applied one more coat on top of the fabric. The ModPodge is basically watered down glue that dries clear and leaves a hard and durable finish. Here’s the shelf after…

…and filled with books, pictures and other things…

It’s a totally different bookshelf now, I just love how bright and happy it is.


Friends in the City

June 8, 2012

Our friends Megan & Kenny came to visit us in California! Well, sort of; they didn’t specifically plan their trip around coming to see us :) they had already booked their California adventure before we decided to move. Nevertheless, it was so much fun to play host to our first guests!

We spent an entire Saturday together in the city. We walked through Chinatown where we bought matching chop sticks and paid $1.50 for some fortune cookies just so we could use a restroom…

Then we took a taxi over to Golden Gate Park where we spent a few hours in the California Academy of Sciences Museum. This place was awesome! I mostly wanted to go in because the building was designed by famous architect Renzo Piano; it featured a green roof spotted with porthole-like skylights.

The skylights provided sunlight to the enclosed rainforest exhibit below. We also got to watch a production about earthquakes in the museum’s planetarium, touch a starfish and see an albino alligator…science is pretty cool.

We were so happy to be able to see some familiar faces again but it was so hard to watch them leave. I really miss hanging out with these two and having them here definitely made me a feel a little homesick. Thankfully, July is coming fast which means another trip to Maine and a few more visitors coming to see us!

17 Mile Drive

June 7, 2012

Mark and I were in Monterey once again and this time we headed a little further down the coast line to see the sights along 17 Mile Drive and visit the Pebble Beach Golf Links. The views of the ocean were spectacular, every picture we took could easily be a post card. If it weren’t for the chilly wind I could have sat and watched the waves come in for hours.

My favorite part of the entire day came when we spotted some sea otters; we saw a total of 6 throughout the afternoon and we enjoyed watching them float on their backs and snack on sea creatures. If you look closely you can see some sunbathing harbor seals in the bottom of this next photo.

Us at Pebble Beach :)