New England 2012

Vacationing in the northeast is always such a treat; we get to spend time with family, relax on the lake, celebrate the 4th of July and eat ice cream every single day :) This year my parents joined us as well for a few days, it was great to be able to share our fun traditions with them.

Our first full day was all about farm tours. We visited Cider Hill Farm again just as we had done two years ago except this time we got a personal tour of the entire 100+ acres thanks to Grandpa Rand’s connection with the farm’s owner. Here we all are at the top of a hill near the apple orchard overlooking the rest of the farm.

Their farm store {once again} did not disappoint; they had tons of fresh produce, other local food items and wares as well as their delicious apple cider donuts.

Our first ice cream stop of the trip was at Hodgie’s and it was just as yummy as I had remembered. I had warned my parents ahead of time about the amount of ice cream we’d be consuming on this vacation but I still don’t think they really knew what they were in for!

Classic Mark.

The second day we stopped at Marty’s Donut Land in Ipswich which just so happened to be established in the same year that my dad was born. The coincidence merited buying a t-shirt for my dad and a few donuts for the road.

One of my favorite things about the northeast in the summer is the amount of flowers in everyone’s yard. Our theory is that they spend so much time indoors during the long winter that they are super excited to get out and do yard work once spring rolls around.

We visited Crane Beach and walked along the sands for a while. It was pretty cool to dip our toes in the Atlantic knowing that we were just near the Pacific a day earlier.

The next morning we drove up to Naples, Maine to celebrate the 4th and meet up with Mark’s parents at camp.

We watched the parade coming down the main street in Naples from the second story deck at Rick’s and did a little shopping at the boutiques around town.

My dad brought a washers set up from Texas so we could play a few games in the side yard. I think this will become a go-to fun thing to do around camp in the future.

Mandy and I got our Pinterest on with these white chocolate dipped strawberries. They were incredibly easy to make and I’ve already used this idea a second time for an Olympic ceremony watching party that we went to last week.

With the threat of thunderstorms and rain on the night of the 4th we opted out of watching the fireworks from the boat and instead enjoyed dinner all together at the Freedom Cafe. The rain cleared just in time for the fireworks display to begin and we had great seats on a patio overlooking the lake. Of course, we couldn’t pass up some Dairy Bar and their red, white and blue sprinkles!

The next day we all went to Bob’s Lobster Pound for a lobster lunch complete with corn on the cob and sweet potato fries.

My mom had never tried lobster before and my dad hadn’t had it in quite a while so it was a fun treat. I myself have only eaten lobster a few times, trying to limit myself to only having it in Maine or in really nice restaurants. A whole, red lobster always looks so pretty and perfect, it’s almost a shame to crack into it, haha.

After taking my parents to the airport the next day we headed back up to camp with Logan in tow. That afternoon Pat, Mandy and I made a trip to Freeport, the home of L.L. Bean, for some outlet shopping; we just so happened to be there during the celebration of L.L. Bean’s 100th anniversary and the entire town was having a huge party with tons of street vendors and live concerts. It was a fun place to be!

Our remaining few days in Maine were spent on the water. It’s kind of hard not to when the weather and scenery are as beautiful as this.

We had fun playing with the leftover sparklers on the dock at sunset.

One full day was spent cruising on the boat along the Songo River, through the lock and on to Frye Island on Sebago Lake for lunch. On our way back the boat decided to quit on us so we had to be towed back through the lock and the river; it was quite an experience but we made the best of it!

Mandy and I both tried our hand at fishing on Brandy Pond this year and though we both ended up catching one fish each, they were a bit too small to keep.

On our last day in Naples Mark and his dad played a round of golf while Pat and I did some shopping in Bridgeton. We met up with them for lunch afterwards before heading back to the Boston area that afternoon.

I can’t really explain why I’m so in love with this place…it must be the perfect combination of family, nature, sunshine, water and ice cream :) I can’t wait to go back next year!


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One Response to “New England 2012”

  1. Mark W. Rand Says:

    Fantastic and I was there for some of it, especially the ice cream.

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