Bathroom Facelift

Moving into a new place and making it our own is always something that I’ve enjoyed but since we’re renting our condo instead of owning it we’re forced to make the best with what we have. Luckily our landlord has given us free reign to paint whatever we want so after giving the entire living area and kitchen a new coat right after we moved in we finally got around to tackling the bathroom.

The walls were a nasty beige color with plenty of grunge while the ceiling had been half painted making the whole space look unfinished. I knew that simply painting the walls white would lighten everything up and make it feel cleaner but I wanted to do a little more to make the room seem larger…horizontal stripes to the rescue!

Taping off and painting the stripes was really fun, especially the tape removal step; pulling off all of the tape afterwards and seeing those crisp, straight lines magically appear made the whole project worth it. Here are a couple before and after photos…

If we owned this place we would have taken down the glass shower door the day we moved in and put up a tall shower curtain to hide that dark line of tiles at the top…they’re so ugly. Aside from the shower door I love the bathroom now, it’s so bright in there even without a window. My intention was for the stripes to be very subtle. The colors were so subtle in fact that when I had the paint mixed I almost had the guy darken the blue color because I couldn’t see the difference when the cans were sitting next to each another. I’m glad I didn’t though because once the paint was on the wall and dry the contrast was perfect.

As a part of this bathroom facelift I also made a little shelf to hang above the toilet. I bought a few pieces of weathered hardwood from a guy I connected with via Craigslist, grabbed a couple shelf brackets from the HD and threw it together after cutting the board to size. Right now it’s holding a few mementos from Hawaii {shell necklaces, lava rocks and sea shells} plus a free print of a shell I found online and a faux starfish.

While on my weathered wood scavenger hunt I found a piece of large baseboard that I thought could be fun to turn into a mason jar masterpiece. These DIY vase/candle/trinket holders are all over Pinterest and all you need are wide mouth pint jars, some hose clamps and a few screws.

The whole piece is 24 inches wide and is hung above our sink in the kitchen. Inside the jars are some tea light candles sitting on top of the sand that we brought back from our honeymoon.

I wish I could just make a living off of building things like this and selling them to others, I had so much fun doing it. Maybe someday :)


4 Responses to “Bathroom Facelift”

  1. jacobspence (@jacobspence) Says:

    WOW. The bathroom looks really great! A significant change for the better. And what nice straight lines :D

  2. mariehermannwrites Says:

    When I become rich, one day, and have a place of my own I will surely call you, fly you to my city, and pay for your creative decorating services!! I LOVE your bathroom! =)

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