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Becoming a Runner

September 27, 2012

Me 6 months ago: “I hate running. My mind gets bored too easily and running can’t hold my attention. There’s no way I’d ever train for a long race. Those people out on the streets at 6am are nuts. I’d rather just run while on the soccer field.”

Though that last part is still true I hate to admit it…I think I’m starting to enjoy running? GASP. I never thought I’d see the day. Me? Actually like running? No way, never gonna happen. Yet here I am, training for a half marathon. How in the world did that happen?

I didn’t  just wake up one day and decide to commit to this but it wasn’t exactly planned either. Mark and I have found a great church home here in San Ramon and during one of our first visits a short presentation was made in the announcements about Team World Vision and what they’re doing to make a difference across the globe. Basically TWV is a sub-program of World Vision that focuses on marathons and other races as a way to fund raise for the organization. She talked about how if we raised $50 per mile then during the race we would know that with each mile marker we passed we were providing water for one more person ($50 is the cost for water for one for life). It was a great pitch and she had me totally hooked. So we stayed after church and talked with the group to get more info and ironically this is how we ended up meeting our new-found friends which we now hang out with weekly.

In the following weeks I researched half marathon training schedules, bought new tennis shoes, downloaded the Nike+ app to track my progress and started running. At first, the constant pavement pounding didn’t feel natural at all but the excitement of beginning training gave me the adrenaline I needed to keep going. And after a few weeks of sticking to my regimen I was starting to like it a little. Now (almost 2 months later) I look forward to my runs, it’s a great way to release stress and get outside in this beautiful California weather. It’s not always easy to motivate myself to get out there but I’ve “let myself” listen to Christmas music while running a couple of times now, it definitely helps (I know it’s September but it works so hush).

This is going to be a HUGE challenge for me but I’m excited about continuing to train and I can’t wait to cross the finish line knowing that I’m contributing to something much bigger than myself. If anyone actually reads this and you feel compelled to donate, here’s my TWV donation page.

With my birthday coming up at the end of October I’ve decided to donate any birthday moolah that I receive as well!