Big Basin Redwoods

As a celebratory trip for my birthday last month, Mark and I went camping at Big Basin Redwoods State Park which is just north of Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay. We’d never been there before nor did we know anyone that had, we just researched state parks within a 2 hour driving radius, read reviews online, made our reservation and hoped for the best. The weather that weekend was absolutely perfect for camping; it was cool enough at night to merit sitting around a fire and warm enough during the day for hiking in shorts.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and set up our tent in a nice, secluded site surrounded by bushes and tall redwoods. There was moss growing on every stationary surface thanks to the cool shade provided by the many trees. Our site had a picnic table, fire ring and bear box for storing food {not actually for bears but rather racoons…no way was I going to camp where there are bears present}.

The forest of redwoods were absolutely incredible, some of them were over 300 feet tall and 70 feet in circumference. It’s hard to imagine something living that is so big until you are standing at the base of it, staring upward.

On Saturday we hiked a 5 mile trail through the park and we had such a great time! We packed lunch and ate on the trail, saw a waterfall, met a scary spider and only saw a handful of other people during the entire hike.

My favorite part about the trip was waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rays filtering beautifully through the trees…so breathtaking.


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