During the first week of November Mark had a work conference back in Austin so  I decided to go as well and spend some time in Texas. It sure was great to be back, we’d really been missing home because we hadn’t been back for an extended stay since we made the move to California.

We spent a weekend in Rogers with my family and were reunited with our former cat, Jack. I don’t think he misses us much, he’s just a little spoiled now.

Thanks to my mom I managed to stick to my running schedule, I even got to go on a long run with her and her running buddies on Saturday morning.

There are a lot of things about Texas that I miss on a regular basis, one of them being grocery shopping at HEB. They have Texas-shaped tortilla chips…need I say more?

I also ate at Sonic, washed cars in the 85 degree weather, helped Ben paint the inside of his tiny house, made a trip to Goliad to see the grandparents and drove down Congress on my way through Austin to pick up Mark. Austin was just the same as we left it, amazing.

The second weekend we spent in Houston with Mark’s family. We watched Texas A&M beat Alabama {!!!}, had a big family dinner at Texas Roadhouse, went to the HUGE Nutcracker Market at Reliant and met up with friends. It was really hard to voluntarily get on the plane and head back to CA, Texas will always be home, no matter what :)


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