Since we spent a week in Texas at the beginning of November and plan to return for the Christmas holiday we spent Thanksgiving in California. Luckily some of our friends were in the same scenario so we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner together, just the Rands and the Krouts!

I was in charge of preparing the cornbread stuffing and dessert. I went a little overboard and made mini pumpkin pies, molasses spice cookies and an apple pie. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you which of the three were my favorite because they were all amazing.

After dinner we watched some football and played with their cat, Aesop. The next day we were all free from work so we got together again and went wine tasting in Livermore. Compared to Napa and Sonoma, Livermore is much closer to home, the tastings are inexpensive {sometimes free} and the atmosphere is much more casual and less snobby. We haven’t lived here long enough to become wine snobs so that whole scene isn’t very appealing to us, we just like to enjoy some wine and good conversation with friends while watching the sun set over the vines.


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