Home for Christmas

For the first time ever Mark and I flew during the holiday season as we made our way to Texas to spend Christmas with our families. We had a great time, spending 9 full days back home, but before we left we had a mini Christmas, just the two of us.


Our stockings were hung with care…


…and we opened our presents from each other while listening to Christmas music and keeping warm by our crackling Netflix fire.


A few days later we made our way to Houston and on the 23rd we visited the Houston Zoo to see some animals and Christmas lights. Since it was dark, we couldn’t see many of the larger animals outdoors but we did spot a few giraffes.


We spent Christmas Eve with Tammy and Logan in Shenandoah; we decorated the tree, baked cookies for Santa and attended the midnight church service.


Logan must have been an extra good boy this year because Santa brought him a pretty awesome workbench and tool belt. Mark and I both agreed that one of our favorite parts of this past Christmas was playing Santa’s helpers the night before to ensure everything was perfect for Logan the next morning…that and sipping eggnog, of course.


Here’s our big, happy family photo with everyone in Houston. We’ve grown by one more since last year with the addition of little Lilian. It’s so adorable to see how protective big brother Logan is of her :)


There was plenty of baby holding in Houston but once we made it to Rogers to see my family it was all about Jack.


Just like last year, Jack absolutely loved hiding in and laying on any box, bag, tissue or wrapping paper within reach.


It was so wonderful to be home again…we heard stories and saw pictures from Ben’s trip to Africa, played fetch with Sadie, walked the property with pellet guns and of course watched the Garfield Christmas Special together {it’s tradition, after all}.



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