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A Day in the Life

March 22, 2013

So often I find myself getting caught up in the every day routine; I get up early and go to work each day, counting down until the weekend, only to start again the next Monday. Weeks turn to months and months add up to a year…as of today, March 21st, we have been California residents for an entire year. ONE. WHOLE. YEAR. That feels incredibly surreal for me to say because looking back it seems to have gone by so quickly.

one week01

Like I was saying, it’s easy to treat each day as just another 24 hours to get through, let time fly by and forget to be thankful for the big picture. We’re making great friends and great memories out here :) That’s what I’m most thankful for. Here’s a little glimpse into what a typical week looks like for us now…

On a typical Monday morning you’ll find me up at 4am, preparing to be at work by 6am. Mark sleeps a little later but then comes to the gym around 7am to get a workout in before his day begins. It’s nice to have him visit me at work, sometimes he’ll bring me something from Starbucks too :) Then he’ll head out for the day, usually to the Sacramento area to visit a few school districts and sell a few hundred iPads. I get off work at 2pm and work out for a while before heading home. Mark usually makes it back an hour or two after me and we’ll veg for a little while, I’ll make dinner, he’ll do some emailing for work. During the work week we usually try to be in bed around 9:30pm, earlier would be nice but it never happens, haha.

On a typical Tuesday the routine is much the same. If the weather is nice we might take a walk to the nearby park and watch a little league game or a dog playing fetch with his owner. With the exception of some cloud cover and a little drizzle yesterday the weather is definitely showing signs of spring here, almost every tree is blooming and the rolling hills are a beautiful shade of bright green.

one week02

On a typical Wednesday evening we have our small group gathering. There are 8-11 couples from our church that regularly attend and we alternate between each others’ houses every Wednesday night. Right now we’re going through a marriage study called Love & Respect, it’s been really great, especially the ensuing conversations that are had within our group. We’ve never had such an amazing support system of Godly people in our lives before, I can hardly believe that we’ve only known them for 9 months.

On a typical Thursday the week begins to wind down. I work just four days per week and Mark usually has an office day with no traveling on Friday so in a sense Thursdays are my Fridays :) We’ll stay up a little later, watch the Office, maybe go for a sunset drive in the coupe…did I mention that we now own a sports car? I have to admit that I do enjoy it myself, not as much as Mark does I’m sure but nonetheless. We bought it back in September and we’re beginning to have some of the little dents and dings repaired to get it looking perfect again.

one week03

On a typical Friday I try to get all of the housework done before the real weekend begins, this usually means doing laundry, cleaning around the house, getting some groceries, etc. If I’ve got a crafty project going on I’ll work on that too. Right now I’m in the middle of planning decorations for two baby showers coming up in April and May for a couple of ladies in our small group. Friday evenings we might go grab a couple margaritas at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Maria Maria, or stay in and watch a movie.

one week05

{A sneak peek at a little project I’m working on for one of the baby showers}

On a typical Saturday anything goes…we might sit around all day and accomplish next to nothing, we might go for a few hour hike in Las Trampas to view the city from afar or (like this coming Saturday) we might go wine tasting with friends. Previously we’ve only ventured to nearby Livermore for some less pricey tastings but this Saturday we’re celebrating a promotion and a big move within our small group so we’re heading to Napa!

one week04

On a typical Sunday morning we attend church and hang around for a little while afterwards to chat with our friends. Occasionally we’ll do lunch together but since my soccer season started back up a couple weeks ago I’ve had some 11am games to attend. I’m really enjoying the coed team that I’m on but the chemistry is nothing like what I had with my ladies’ team back in Austin. Some games we play on turf and some are on grass, I’ve grown to like the turf more because the California parks seem to keep their grass extremely long and it feels like we’re playing in sand. Sunday afternoons are pretty low key; we’ll go for a jog or walk, do some laundry and prepare for the work week ahead. Our pastor gave a sermon recently about the importance of Sabbath and what it truly means to Sabbath and take a day for relaxation and reflection. We’re trying our best to use our Sundays wisely :)

And that’s what a typical week in the Rand household looks like! We do have something more atypical and pretty exciting coming up in April, we’re going on a vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Cabo with two other couples from our small group! We’ve literally been counting down the days since we booked our flights and now that we’re within a month all six of us can’t stop talking about how much fun we’re going to have. The last time Mark and I were in Cabo we were on our honeymoon three and a half years ago (don’t even get me started on how quickly our marriage has flown by). It’s going to be a great start to what will inevitably be a wonderful summer!

one week06