Planter Box Update

The planter box that my dad and I made a few Thanksgivings ago moved with us to CA and this spring it is finally getting some use! At first I couldn’t decide what to plant in it (flowers, herbs, lettuces??) and during a bout of homesickness I decided that I wanted bluebonnets, Texas bluebonnets. The thought of going an entire spring without seeing or smelling a bluebonnet just made me want to cry. Unfortunately bluebonnets are not quick growers and I would have had to seed them back in the fall in order to see some spring flowers so my dad graciously dug up a few plants from their property and shipped them to me.


We both had no idea how well they would ship much less take to new soil, new weather and a new state but we gave it a go. I transplanted the bluebonnets and a couple of red poppies into the planter containers and kept them inside for a couple of days because it was dropping down below freezing at night. But eventually they had to make their way outside and either live or die…and a few weeks later most of them were still alive! Once I spotted some new leaves growing I knew we were in the clear :)

Here’s how big they were towards the end of February, a few weeks after being transplanted. The poppies grew up pretty quickly but the bluebonnets took their time.



And here they are now…


The poppies are huge, bushy and quickly running out of room; I’ll have to re-pot them soon in order to keep them from suffocating each other. The bluebonnets have grown more slow and steady.


I honestly thought I would see a poppy flower bud first but lo and behold the bluebonnets have beat them to it! Their timing is perfect too, we’re leaving tomorrow for a week long vacation to Mexico :( Luckily, this bloom below is the only one showing petals so hopefully they can hold off until we get back. I’m so happy that we’re going to have Texas bluebonnets in California!



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One Response to “Planter Box Update”

  1. Patricia Rand Says:

    The Blue bonnets and Indian paint brush are going wild right now. So glad you have a piece of “home” to enjoy. I miss you guys.

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