You Might Be a Texan if…

As much as I love California I’m a Texas girl through and through, always will be. I heard somewhere that you become more Texan once you leave the state and I couldn’t agree more; there’s something about living in a place where people don’t have much {or any} state pride that makes you want to stand out and be even more Texan.

Some of our close friends here just found out that Chevron will be moving them to Houston and they seem to be a little nervous about assimilating into the Texas culture. I assured her that I would help her learn to love the Lone Star State and so I’m sharing a list of all things Texas that I’ve been compiling over the past few years.

You Might Be a Texan if…

– you buy your groceries at HEB
– your favorite ice cream is Blue Bell
– you know at least one person who wore cowboy boots under her wedding dress
– you don’t think it’s hot until it’s over 100
– you can smell the rain coming
– your soda of choice is Dr Pepper
– you know that tea = sweet tea
– you have an inexplicable desire to own/drive a big truck
– you’d rather take back roads than the interstate

– in school you pledged to two different flags every morning
– you took at least 3 years of Texas history classes
– you spent summers as a kid playing in the sprinklers
– you’ve gotten stuck behind a tractor on a two lane road
– you’ve taken family portraits in a field of bluebonnets
– you know that small towns are speed traps
– you know who Reveille and Beevo are {and which one is best}
– you say yes ma’am and yes sir

– you open all the doors and windows to let your car cool off before getting in
– you have been branded by a seat belt
– you have laid out in a bikini in February and November
– you have witnessed snow/hail in late April
– you think 70 degrees and below is chili eating weather
– you know there’s no better place to be on a Friday night than at a high school football game
– when buying clothing, you consider how well it will hide sweat or if it will show sweat
– you pull into a small town and instantly know their high school mascot, school colors and if they’re in the football playoffs
– your high school released early on Fridays for away and playoff games
– your high school is closed during the county livestock show week
– BBQ or fajitas are served at every school function

– you pull over onto the shoulder to let someone pass
– they wave thank you :)
– you’ve worn shorts on Christmas morning
– you think that Dairy Queen started in Texas
– you know that Chicken Express serves Dublin DP
– you once went on a vacation to San Antonio to go to Sea World, Fiesta Texas, the riverwalk and the Alamo
– you know not to keep chocolate in your car in the summer
– you know that the true value of a parking space lies not in it’s proximity to the door but in its shade

– you know several people who have hit a deer or cow with their car
– you can find orange jello salad with marshmallows at every potluck
– you know how to pronounce Mexia, Waco, Humble and Bexar
– you’ve brewed tea in the sun
– you measure distance in minutes
– you learned how to shoot a bb gun before you learned to multiply
– you know that making a trip into “town” is a special occurrence
– you’ve ever paid back favors in cookies or banana bread
– you’ve ever been on a field trip to see the Capitol or tour the Blue Bell creamery



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2 Responses to “You Might Be a Texan if…”

  1. Jennifer Lynch Says:

    I have a lot to learn! This list helps me know which questions to start with… Thanks, Britney!

  2. Anjana @ At The Corner Of Happy & Harried Says:

    Loved the list. #147 actually happened in San Antonio in 2010!

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