Rohrs Baby Shower

This is waaay past due {little Elia is already 2 months old!} but here are a few pictures from a dear friend’s shower back in May that I helped organize.

Tricia’s sister, Audrey, did an amazing job organizing the whole event down to the very last detail; I helped out with the decorations and baked some cookies as well. There was a ton of delicious food, made by their mother and family, not to mention the yummy desserts. The party favors were those little yellow boxes which each held two macarons from La Boulange, a local French bakery.



The small chalkboard wall was all drawn up for the shower as well! I hope to have a chalkboard or small wall like this in my home someday, it’s so much fun to doodle on and customize for whatever event or season is happening.


Tricia with her mom, grandmother and sister…now that Elia is here they’ll have to be sure to take another picture with all four generations! This reminds me of the photo I have of two-month-old me, my mother, grandmother and great grandmother :)


Every guest was asked to bring a book to build up baby’s library. There were book tags at the front door for everyone to fill out and stick on the inside cover of their book.


And of course there was the opening of the gifts. Elia is definitely the best dressed little girl I’ve ever seen thanks to all the cute dresses she received.



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