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Maine 2013

October 17, 2013

Here’s a few pictures from our 4th of July trip to Boston and Maine this summer {crazy late, I know}. This being my third visit to camp, so many of my photos are looking identical to previous years but I just can’t get enough of that view.


We ate lobster three times and it. was. glorious…I try to never have lobster anywhere else besides Maine, I just know I would be disappointed with anything less than the best.


Brandy Pond was gorgeous as always, smooth as glass in the early morning. Our first few days were threatened with rain but we made the best of it and ended up having quite a few sunny days.


We ended up buying a boat this year; it was such a good deal that Mark and Pat couldn’t pass it up. Now we’ll be able to have a boat no matter when we go up for a visit.


This year was memorable in that it was Lilly’s first time at camp. She swam near the dock, slept on the boat and had her first taste of Dairy Bar.



Logan rode on the infamous disk for the first time {with the help of Uncle Chris, of course}. Immediately afterwards he asked if he could do it again next year, not wanting to ride again on the current trip, haha.


Lilly and I had some fun snapping pictures with my iPhone, she couldn’t stop staring at herself on the screen!


Beautiful sunset from the marina dock while waiting for the fireworks to begin. We all watched from the comfort of the boat but stayed tied to the dock in case the kids needed to leave.


Both Marks went out for quite a few early morning ski and wakeboard runs, it’s hard not to when the water is so perfect. Of course, I played spotter since I am officially terrible at all things water sports :(


Lilly in her pretty red, white and blue dress watching Grandpa, Uncle and Logan move rocks in the water.


And one of my favorite sights of all, my handsome hub behind the wheel of the boat on a perfect day on Brandy Pond :)