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Quick Trip Home

December 17, 2013

Well it seems that blogging has gone by the way side lately; time has been speeding by so quickly and all of a sudden it’s been two months since my last post. Eek! This can only mean one of two things: our lives have been unusually boring and therefore nothing blog-worthy has been happening OR our lives are full to the brim with things I wish I had time to share, but don’t…the latter is definitely the case :)

On a sad note, our sweet Otis went to doggie heaven a couple months ago. I honestly believe that the bigger the dog, the bigger the heart and our loving buddy was no exception to this rule; he was a big, tough guard dog on the outside and a cuddly marshmallow on the inside. I’ll never forget how he would bark and growl at Mark the first few years that we dated but over time Otis grew to trust him and finally they could wrestle and play together in the yard. You’re definitely missed sweet buddy.


Mark and I went to Rogers for an extended weekend as sort of a pre-Thanksgiving visit and got to enjoy some relaxation time on the farm. It’s so nice to get away and just do nothing! Dad showed off his new remote controlled airplane and even let Mark fly it, I took some photos of the garden and of the newest litter of kittens and we went on walks around the property with pellet guns (our favorite).




We also got in a little bodark bowling with Ben, a classic Baecker family pastime. If you are new to the sport, it is basically this: gather a wheel-barrel full of bodarks (aka: horse apples) after they’ve fallen from the Bodark tree, wheel them down to the top of the driveway hill and take turns bowling them down the gravel road to see whose can go the furthest.


It actually takes more skill than you would think, after all the gravel is bumpy and the road curves a bit so you have to hit the rocks just right and keep your horse apple from bouncing off to the side. As kids we would do this all the time and then leave our leftover bodarks in the road for us to drive over later. I’d say our design this time was the best yet.



Of course a Rogers visit wouldn’t be complete without a pic of our favorite feline, Mr. Jack. Here he is posing while he sits in the kitchen sink, patiently waiting for someone to turn the faucet on so he can drink from it (just a slow dribble, not too fast or he won’t drink). He’s definitely spoiled rotten.


And our favorite canine as well, my Sadie May. She kills me with her sweet jealousy…I was sitting in a lawn chair with a cat sleeping in my lap and she comes over, puts her head on top of the cat and wags her tail, wanting a scratch behind the ear. Sweet, silly dog :)