Bear Valley 2014

This spring we made the drive to Arnold, CA to once again have a fun winter weekend with our small group friends. We’ve nixed the title of “ski trip” and officially dubbed it a “winter weekend” since most people have children now (except for us and the Krouts, holla!). Mark and I still hit the slopes for a good part of the day on Saturday while everyone else did some sledding and playing in the snow.


It was quite warm with temps well over 50 degrees on the slopes so we quickly regretted any and all layers that we had put on. There were plenty of people wearing shorts, jeans, t-shirts or no shirt at all which was hilarious and reminded me of when we used to ski in New Mexico. Only a few of the trails had icy spots so overall I’d say the snow quality was pretty good. We survived without sweating too much and had a nice time just the two of us.


We’d been hearing from everyone in Tahoe that the snow was pretty weak this season thanks to little rain and an early spring. Here’s a photo looking down one of the runs and you can clearly see a line where the snow ends.


And here’s a shot from that same vantage point on our trip last year. What a difference! Regardless, the views were spectacular, the skiing was fun exhausting and the company was tops :)

bear valley01


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