Boston & Maine 2014

Thrown right in the middle of our move, Mandy’s wedding and buying our first home was our trip to Boston and Maine! The timing was a little crazy because we ended up closing on our house the same day that we flew back but it was so nice to have some time to relax during this very busy time in our life!


We ate a TON of lobster this trip and it was glorious. We also had the most amazing lobster roll at Woodman’s in Essex, definitely the best I’ve ever had.


This was the first year that we were up at camp without any other family and though it was kind of nice to have some time to ourselves we definitely missed having everyone else around! Mark’s best friend, Daniel, and his girlfriend, Joslin, joined us for part of the trip too.


Janie graciously let us borrow her new fire pit a few nights so we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows at the water’s edge, watched the sun set and listened to the loons.



My go to ice cream this year was the black raspberry/cake batter swirl on a sugar cone…my mouth is watering just looking at this picture, YUM!




This trip will always be remembered as the year we had four boats. Thanks to a little miscommunication with the marina, a mechanical issue and some bad luck we had three loaner boats before we finally got ours on the second to last day. The silver lining is that we got to have a boat with a tower for a couple days and it made water sports much easier. This year also marked a special accomplishment for me, I finally got up on the wakeboard! Once I got up the first time I instantly knew what I had been doing wrong the past three years, haha.









We also spent a day in Boston and caught a Red Sox game at Fenway. They’re not doing so hot this year but thankfully we got to see a win!




Awesome, awesome trip. Can’t wait until next year!



One Response to “Boston & Maine 2014”

  1. Patricia Rand Says:

    You have had a busy few months and more to come!! Loved the pictures, especially the one of you wake boarding. It looks like you’ve been doing it for years. It’s always nice having friends there…yes, and family together is great, too

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