Our First House

Well it took us nearly 5 years of marriage but we are finally homeowners! We officially became Houston residents in June and were living at Mark’s dad’s house until we found a house which we closed on at the end of July. The entire process went very smoothly and we couldn’t be happier with our home and our neighborhood.



The house itself is only 8 years old so there weren’t any big projects to tackle as soon as we moved in but I was quick to grab a bucket and brush to freshen up some walls with new paint. To date I have painted the pantry, powder bathroom, office bathroom, master bathroom, guest bedroom and guest bedroom closet. Mark also painted the garage floor; it’s one of those little details that not many people do but it’s SO NICE. We had the entry, stairwells and entire second floor painted by professionals and I’m so glad that we did…what their 4 person crew did in 8 hours would have easily taken me at least 2 weeks.

One thing that we did take on ourselves was revamping our little backyard. We started by power washing the deck which was so dirty it was almost black in places. When we bought the place the entire yard was covered with wood chips so we dug that up, broke up the soil, added some compost and laid some sod. Ben got to help us with the hard part :)






With some freebie red bricks we formed a little flower bed in the corner and we have since planted some flowers and grasses there that will grow taller and help cover up the electrical box. We also found some solar powered lights for along the fence, they charge during the day and come on automatically every evening when it gets dark.




The entire backyard project only cost us about $225 which includes the grass, plants, hanging flower pots, solar lights and a few miscellaneous things. Now that the weather is starting to cool down we’re definitely enjoying the space!


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