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Christmas Time

January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011 was jam-packed with family, friends and fun. It’s always nice to be able to spend a good amount of time with both of our families and I am incredibly grateful that Mark doesn’t have to work between Christmas and New Years.

We spent the first few days of our holiday vacation in Rogers with my family. Once again the annual Christmas Eve barn service was cold, wet and muddy; to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s kind of a tradition now. We also got to hang with our favorite fat cat, Jack…if you received a Christmas card from my parents you already know but Jack has officially changed residences. He is much happier living in a big house with more room to roam and he loves to go outside and climb trees and hang with his other kitty friends. My parents are quite smitten with him and I don’t think they would give him back even if we asked. He still loves when we come to visit though and we found out that he especially loves Christmas trees…

…and tissue paper. He played in our giant paper pile for hours and even took a nap hiding beneath the crumpled sheets.

Though the weather was a little icky during our stay in Rogers we made the best of it. On the 26th my mom and I went shopping all day while the boys went to see a movie and go bowling. I always love looking at the discounted Christmas decor and for once I splurged on some pretty ornaments at Marshall’s. My mom and I had so much fun spending the day together :)

This year I was inspired by some snow globes made using bottle brush trees in mason jars from Anthropologie. I couldn’t quite handle their $30 price tag so I made some of my own to give out as little gifts to Mark’s coworkers and some family friends. They were so simple to make!

After spending a few days in Rogers we headed to Houston to be with Mark’s family for New Years. When we got there the table was cleared and covered in puzzle pieces…they had a puzzle made from our family picture taken on Memorial Day. It turned out to be a lot harder than it looked and we finally completed it at 2:15am on January 1st! We all decided that this needed to become a tradition so we took a picture of ourselves with the finished puzzle and a puzzle of that picture will be made to be worked on during our July 4th trip up to camp in Maine. Once that puzzle is finished we’ll take a picture with it, and so on and so on…

While in Houston we stayed pretty busy; we assembled Logan’s new bike, we went indoor rock climbing, I went to a painting class, Mark played golf, we watched some movies and got lots of great quality family time!


Fat Jack

January 21, 2011

We’ve been roommates with Jack for two weeks now and we’re slowly learning all of his little personality quirks and habits. He’s made us laugh quite a bit as well, especially between the hours of 7 & 9 pm when he’s in his hyper/playful mood. My parents came down to have dinner with us and meet Jack for the first time and just as they were about to leave we spotted him sitting like this on the bar stool…

He had been leaning over cleaning his stomach and when he looked up he still had his legs on either side of his body. We all died laughing to the point of tears; he just looked so ridiculous. You see, Jack is quite large; we had tried to weight him on our scale at home and we figured him to be around 10 pounds but after a check-up at the vet we now know that he weighs 14 pounds. What a fatty! Looks like someone needs to ease up on the meow mix.

Meet Jack

January 8, 2011

Everyone, meet Jack, our newly adopted Russian blue cat! Once again we had really good luck with Craigslist and we were led to this beautiful, green-eyed boy. His owner is being deployed and wouldn’t be able to take care of him while he was gone.

He is a very chill, sweet-mannered kitty, he loves to travel and he doesn’t have any undesirable habits like scratching furniture or refusing to use his litter box. When we got him home he spent the first few hours exploring and sniffing out the place, but eventually he calmed down and laid on the sofa with Mark.

Surprisingly, he’s warmed up to us pretty quickly considering we’ve only known each other for a day. His newest thing is to sit in my lap with his paws on my shoulders and head butt my face, ha ha. We’re so happy to finally add to our little family; welcome home Jack!

I Want Chicken, I Want Liver

December 27, 2010

My favorite Christmas gift this year? Mark and I decided it was time to get a kitty! He didn’t surprise me with an actual cat wrapped in a box {unlike Aunt Bethany} but he did gift me a small bag of cat food and from there I got the hint pretty quickly. We’re in Houston right now with his family for the holidays so once we’re back in Austin after the new year we’ll begin our search for the first Rand family feline. Our ideal candidate is an orange tabby or a blue Russian that is at least 9 months to a year old, preferably female and definitely adopted. We also need a cat that will be happy as an “only child” because we’re not allowed to have more than one in the apartment. I’m so excited to start looking for our first furry friend!

More Kittens

June 2, 2010

Yes, three new kittens have made their home at my parents house.

Yes, they are adorable.

And yes, we are crazy cat people.

Allow me to introduce you to Dexter,


and Wiggles.


May 24, 2010

Currently, Mark and I do not have any pets; we want one, but aren’t ready for one yet. We both agree that we will not be getting a dog until we have a house and a yard but a cat is another story. You see, I love cats; I grew up always having at least 7 or 8 of them around {they were all outdoor cats}, and there are times when the only thing that will cheer me up is some quality kitty time. Since we don’t have one though, I usually just take a trip home to my parents’ house.

The point of this story is that Mark and I have started brainstorming cat names, though we still have no intention of adding one to the family yet…just for fun. So far, the best name we’ve come up with is MEATBALL. Don’t ask me why, it’s just hilarious. Can’t you just imagine a big, fat cat with a deep meow?

Some day we’ll get a cat and if the personality fits we’ll name it that but for now we’ll continue blaming little mishaps on our imaginary kitty.

Meeeaatbaaallll…did you spill that water all over the counter? {not our cat, just a picture of a cat that I think looks like a Meatball}

I Miss You

January 12, 2010

Two of my favorite kitties passed away in 2009 and I wanted to dedicate a post to them so I can always look back and remember how much they meant to me.


She was the cat that wouldn’t die…born when Ben was a toddler, she was nearly 16 years old. I always remember her laying on the porch railing like this with her hind legs hanging off the sides. In her old age she got pretty skinny and extremely vocal {I think she was deaf and just couldn’t hear herself} and no matter how much we couldn’t stand her screeching I still loved her just the same.


Peaches was my baby; his brother, Cinnamon, was Ben’s and Peaches was mine. He was always such a thick and healthy cat, often roaming away from home for days on end and living off of mice. But when we would let him come in the house he always felt right at home. He liked to rub on the dining table and chairs and then stretch out on the carpet, pulling himself around to scratch his back. Peachie had a very distinct meow, very firm and manly. I used to always butt heads with him as I would walk by him sitting on the porch railing and he always butted back. I miss you big boy.

Here’s to hoping there’s a kitty wing in heaven and we’ll be together again soon.


August 5, 2009

sleepy kittens

Sometimes I wish I could be a cat…one of our cats to be more specific. If I were I bet my day would go something like this:

– Wake up to the sun shining on the back porch, do a little stretching {morning cat yoga}.

– Munch on some food.

– Go back to sleep on a different porch that is still shaded, sleep until noon-ish.

– When it gets too hot, sit patiently by the door until let into the air conditioned house.

– Become the center of attention and sit in someone’s lap for a while {motor buzzing of course}.

– Decide that the lap is too warm and move on to a comfy nook behind the couch or under a bed.

– Sleep until dinner time.

– Eat dinner, then back to sleep.

What a life that would be. But then again, I have no idea what cats really do during the nighttime hours. For all I know they could be running a fight club and invite over all the neighborhood cats and the reason why they sleep all day is to recover from their nightly brawls. Maybe it’s best if I just keep telling myself that they sleep all night…or maybe I’ll set an alarm for 3am and see for myself what they’re doing…

Little Explorers

June 29, 2009

We’ve started transitioning the kittens from inside to outside; I feed them in the morning and then they spend the whole day outside until it’s dinner time. We haven’t left them outside over night yet but that might be coming soon, they are getting so rowdy and they jump on the furniture and hide under our beds where we can’t get to them.

It’s so much fun to watch them explore new things outside…recently they had their first run-in with tree climbing. I swear it’s the same story with every kitten we’ve ever had; they climb up, can’t figure out how to get down, keep climbing higher because it’s the easiest thing to do, get stuck, cry for help, then we coax them down and grab them once they’re within arm’s reach. Eventually they learn to climb down head first but the first few times it’s pretty traumatic for them…good thing cats don’t have much of a short term memory.

Here’s Hyde about ten feet up {crying of course}

hyde crying

Sylvester is a bit smarter, he just hangs out at the bottom {probably laughing at Hyde}

sylvester watching

Of course all of the older cats {including Nubby here} just ignore the whole situation, even though each an every one of them went through the same thing when they were kittens.


And then there’s Sadie…oblivious to the world…wanting to play fetch.


I’ve got two kittens in my lap…

June 10, 2009

Photo 11

I’ve got two kittens in my lap…one is sleeping, the other is being a nuisance and attacking my fingers.