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You Might Be a Texan if…

May 20, 2013

As much as I love California I’m a Texas girl through and through, always will be. I heard somewhere that you become more Texan once you leave the state and I couldn’t agree more; there’s something about living in a place where people don’t have much {or any} state pride that makes you want to stand out and be even more Texan.

Some of our close friends here just found out that Chevron will be moving them to Houston and they seem to be a little nervous about assimilating into the Texas culture. I assured her that I would help her learn to love the Lone Star State and so I’m sharing a list of all things Texas that I’ve been compiling over the past few years.

You Might Be a Texan if…

– you buy your groceries at HEB
– your favorite ice cream is Blue Bell
– you know at least one person who wore cowboy boots under her wedding dress
– you don’t think it’s hot until it’s over 100
– you can smell the rain coming
– your soda of choice is Dr Pepper
– you know that tea = sweet tea
– you have an inexplicable desire to own/drive a big truck
– you’d rather take back roads than the interstate

– in school you pledged to two different flags every morning
– you took at least 3 years of Texas history classes
– you spent summers as a kid playing in the sprinklers
– you’ve gotten stuck behind a tractor on a two lane road
– you’ve taken family portraits in a field of bluebonnets
– you know that small towns are speed traps
– you know who Reveille and Beevo are {and which one is best}
– you say yes ma’am and yes sir

– you open all the doors and windows to let your car cool off before getting in
– you have been branded by a seat belt
– you have laid out in a bikini in February and November
– you have witnessed snow/hail in late April
– you think 70 degrees and below is chili eating weather
– you know there’s no better place to be on a Friday night than at a high school football game
– when buying clothing, you consider how well it will hide sweat or if it will show sweat
– you pull into a small town and instantly know their high school mascot, school colors and if they’re in the football playoffs
– your high school released early on Fridays for away and playoff games
– your high school is closed during the county livestock show week
– BBQ or fajitas are served at every school function

– you pull over onto the shoulder to let someone pass
– they wave thank you :)
– you’ve worn shorts on Christmas morning
– you think that Dairy Queen started in Texas
– you know that Chicken Express serves Dublin DP
– you once went on a vacation to San Antonio to go to Sea World, Fiesta Texas, the riverwalk and the Alamo
– you know not to keep chocolate in your car in the summer
– you know that the true value of a parking space lies not in it’s proximity to the door but in its shade

– you know several people who have hit a deer or cow with their car
– you can find orange jello salad with marshmallows at every potluck
– you know how to pronounce Mexia, Waco, Humble and Bexar
– you’ve brewed tea in the sun
– you measure distance in minutes
– you learned how to shoot a bb gun before you learned to multiply
– you know that making a trip into “town” is a special occurrence
– you’ve ever paid back favors in cookies or banana bread
– you’ve ever been on a field trip to see the Capitol or tour the Blue Bell creamery



Today’s Letters

April 26, 2011

Recently, I discovered a wonderful blog by fellow Texans Emily and Tim Loerke called Today’s Letters. They are a fun, young couple who have a passion for the Lord and for writing lots of love letters to each other. The letter writing idea is quite fascinating to me and I love the thought of using letters as an alternative to a daily journal because you get to share it with others. Mark and I write little notes to each other once in a while and reading those again and again always brings a smile to my face.

Inspired by this new found blog, I think I’ll start my own today’s letters beginning today:

Dear Pastor Terry, thank you for making this year’s Easter service hilarious and memorable by serving my family and I pieces of a chocolate pancake in lieu of the communion bread {it is unleaven bread afterall}. Now every time I eat a pancake I’m going to think of it as the body of Christ, haha.

Dear Hubby, it’s true that I love you more each day than I did the day before; the past few days are going to be hard to top though because they’ve been beyond awesome. It amazes and aggravates me that shopping is so easy for you; after trying on one pair of shorts and two shirts, you simply pick out other colors in the same size and buy everything you need from one store…I wish it were as simple for us girls.

Dear Mom & Dad, sipping Dr. Pepper in lawn chairs under the shade of a tree in the backyard while tossing a tennis ball for Sadie is officially my new favorite pasttime.

Dear Jack, please stop meowing at 9pm to be let outside; I know that you just want to go out and hunt crickets but it’s dark and I don’t want to worry about you getting lost.

Pancake Pyramid

March 3, 2011

When one volunteers to make pancakes for breakfast it goes without saying that they earn the right to create fun and unusual shapes with the batter. The classics consist of hearts, flowers or letters with the more talented artists going for funky-shaped animals or entire words. My mission? To make the ultimate pancake pyramid stack. In between the normal-sized pancakes I filled the extra space on the griddle with smaller pancakes of varying size until I had enough to build a 7-8 inch pyramid. Who says grown ups can’t play with their food? Yum.

Winter in Texas

February 2, 2011

This continues to be a humorous topic for us southerners year after year; you see, we don’t have a “real” winter, only a month long break from the summer heat. We’re lucky to have below 50 degree temps for Christmas and it’s never consistently cold {in the 30’s for more than one day} until at least late January. Then once it begins to feel like winter, a little thing I like to call faux spring hits; temperatures rise and trees begin to bud, then BAM, we get snow on Easter. Case in point: Texas’ weather is ridiculous. I digress…

The funny part is how when the temperature drops so does our productivity {at an exponential rate}; schools, roads and businesses close the instant there’s ice, sleet or snow present. It doesn’t matter that stereotypically all Texans own a four wheel drive truck, we still don’t know how to navigate in sub freezing temperatures. Can you blame us? We spend 90% of the year in a swim suit by the pool, how are we supposed to know how to deal with snow?

While the midwest and the east coast are getting pummeled by everything Jack Frost can throw at them, we’re experiencing rolling blackouts. Why is that you may ask? Because it finally got cold enough to merit running a heater and everyone in the state cranked theirs up at the same time. Our power cut out 5 minutes after I climbed out of bed on the one day of the week I decided to straighten my hair. Luckily, just after I had come to the realization that I might have to wear a baseball cap to work, the lights flickered back on and I was able to make myself look presentable in record time.

The highs are supposed to stay in the mid thirties for the next few days here so we might actually see some snow. Granted, it will be nothing in comparison to the drifts accumulating in the northern states, but hey, it’s all we’ve got. We’ll keep making our weak, mud-infused, 3 foot tall snowmen to display in our yards before what little snow that manages to stick melts away. Such is winter in Texas.

via: Real Austin Texas

Stamp Surprise

December 17, 2010

The United States Postal Service just made my day, maybe even my week.

I stopped by the post office to pick up some stamps so we can finally mail our Christmas cards and the man at the counter asked me:

“Would you like regular stamps or pinecone stamps?”

Umm, do you even need to ask? I was seriously tempted to buy about $100 worth of stamps right then and there {they’re the forever ones} but I resisted. Aren’t they just perfect?

I seriously think I have a problem.


Thoughts About Food…

November 19, 2009

For some reason today my thoughts have been circulating around food; where it comes from, how it’s cared for, what’s in it, what am I really getting?

It all started when I was flipping through the channels and found Martha Stewart hosting some of the greats behind Food Inc. including the producer Robert Kenner and Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms. This film brings into light what is really going on behind the scenes in the world of food and it’s quite eye opening. As said in the film, the food industry is striving to grow things “bigger, fatter, faster, cheaper” but it comes at a big cost to consumers; not necessarily in dollars but in our health and our environment. We, as consumers, have the power to demand a change; “when we run an item past the supermarket scanner, we’re voting for local, organic or not.” A lot of times though it’s hard for us to see what the direct benefit is, if I spend 40 cents more per pound on organic bananas vs. non organic, that banana won’t necessarily taste any better; there’s nobody at the check out saying “good for you for buying organic!”

One thing I know is that the harder you have to work for something the more rewarding the results are; doing the right thing is never easy. But every time I think about animals being treated inhumanely, pesticides on our produce and nutrient-poor food it makes me want something more.

I’ll admit it, I sometimes shop at Wal-Mart, I buy processed foods and I occasionally have fast food…nobody is perfect. The key is having the desire to eat better; Mark and I give ourselves a very limited going-out-to-eat budget, we cook a lot at home, I take a lunch to work, we like leftovers and always steal as many fresh vegetables from my dad’s garden as we can. Helping my dad in the garden this past summer was such an amazing experience, we prepared the soil, made compost, planted seeds, watered and fed the plants, experimented with ways to keep the bug population down and enjoyed the fruit of our labor, but most of all we spent some great time together outside. That’s the part of this whole local/organic/gardening/natural movement that I wish everyone could experience; being there from beginning to end and truly appreciating what it takes to nurture and grow something for yourself.

WOW…this post is all over the place. Anyways, that’s what has been on my mind today and I just felt the need to share.

Maybe I’ll build myself a little planter like this one so we can grow some herbs and small vegetables on our balcony.

Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic?

May 12, 2009

I must admit, I have an addiction to sunscreen…I don’t necessarily like to apply it all the time but I LOVE the smell! Anytime I get a waft of it I am immediately transported to some remote beach, lying in the sand, soaking up some rays. Needless to say, choosing which sunscreen to buy is a very important decision. You can find just about every SPF and type of application in every brand, so what it comes down to every time is the smell. You could go the inexpensive route and purchase the store brand, which works just as well as far as sun protection but the smell is lacking. In my opinion it comes down to two brands: Coppertone and Hawaiian Tropic. Both of them smell so amazing; I actually stood in the store and kept smelling one, then the other, then the first one again…but I finally made a decision.

I chose Hawaiian Tropic. It has just the slightest hint of cocoa butter which is what I think sets it apart from the rest. I can’t wait to lather up and head to the pool this afternoon for some much needed tanning time!

Garfield Minus Garfield

March 27, 2009


Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young man as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.”


Made me laugh…really hard.

Designer’s Block

March 9, 2009


This is me in studio…allow me to narrate:

“I wish my brilliant idea would hurry up and pop into my head, it’s getting late.”

“Life Cycle of a School?  psh…what does that even mean?”

“Glad I’m not doing the Salk Institute project…yeeesh.”

Umbrella Today?

February 9, 2009


It’s raining outside for the first time this year!  I love how rainfall cleans the air, it’s so refreshing.