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Two Years Gone By

October 2, 2011

A couple weeks ago Mark and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We went to a nice dinner downtown and enjoyed each others company while walking the streets of Austin afterwards. It’s so hard to believe that our wedding was two whole years ago; I guess time does fly when you’re having fun. It’s funny though because I feel like I can still remember every detail of our big day…

  • Lou Mandy picked me up on our way to begin the day at the hair salon but we were running a little late so we drove on the then “closed” Knob Hill Rd because it was faster.
  • Getting to see all of the beautiful sunflower arrangements for the first time.

  • Looking at pictures on someone’s digital camera of Mark seeing his surprise apple cake.
  • Peeking through the window of our dressing room to watch all of our guests arrive.

  • The minute or so alone with my dad just before we walked down the pathway to the ceremony.
  • The cow heard mooing from a field nearby during our wedding vows.

  • Trying not to look Mark directly in the eyes because I knew I was going to cry.
  • The amazing feeling of walking into our reception and seeing every single person that I love filling the room.
  • Seeing people having such a fun time with the iMac photo booth.

  • Dancing my last dance with my Papa.

Though it’s hard to decide on a favorite moment or piece of our wedding day, I’d have to say that spending time with my family and friends was by far the best part of it all…well, that and actually marrying the man I love!


Goodbye, Wedding Dress {sniff, sniff}

September 24, 2010

Ever since before I got married, I’ve always been one of the few who were on the fence about keeping or selling their wedding dress after the big day. I thought that after I found the perfect dress and wore it for the wedding, surely my mind would be changed and I would never want to let it go. But that didn’t happen; even though I absolutely LOVE my dress, I just couldn’t quite justify its eternal existence in my closet.

So I waited…and waited; and waited some more. I posted it on Craigslist a couple of times but never got any hits. I just kept hoping that I could convince myself to keep it forever.

But alas, my minimalist/organized side won out and 9 months after the fact I took my dress to a consignment shop. It hurt my heart a little when the lady behind the counter told me the highest amount she would sell it for and the percentage I would get. I almost pulled out right then and there but I just kept telling myself that some lucky girl was going to get a gorgeous dress at an amazing price thanks to my charity. I teared up a little walking out the door, leaving my dress behind.

Each month I would call the shop to see if it had sold and month after month it never did. So when I called a few days ago {the last month it had to sell before I would have to take it back} part of me hoped that it was still there and I would have no choice but to keep it. No such luck; it finally sold. I try not to think about the dollar amount written on that check made out to me, it’s just too depressing.

I realize that I’m definitely the minority in thinking this but I’m glad I didn’t keep the dress. I don’t need a physical thing to remind me of the way I felt that day, the day that I married my best friend. After all, that’s what loving my husband is for, right? Having a ton of great pictures helps too!

Our Wedding: The Details

November 12, 2009

There were so many wonderful details surrounding our wedding that I stressed about and spent waaay too much time on so I decided to dedicate an entire post to those tiny details that made our wedding the best day of my life.

{a HUGE thanks to our photographer, Emily, who did an amazing job capturing every facet of our wedding beautifully!}

sign in table

My favorite giant pumpkin of them all {we made sure that it was prominently placed at the front of the ceremony for all to see}.

ceremony pumpkins

Bunches of broomcorn lining the aisle.

aisle broomcorn

Our lovely programs, which I posted about here.


Every time I look at this picture it just makes me so happy; those sunflowers were absolutely breathtaking.


Our amazing {and delicious} wedding cake! My step-mother in law made the monogram ‘R’ topper and stoned it with crystals to match the sunflowers.

brides cake

Mark’s cake was actually a surprise; he thought that it was going to be two square layers with chocolate covered strawberries {BORING}. So I secretly planned for this apple logo cake and it turned out perfectly, he had no idea!

apple cake

I love these next two photos that Emily took:

The necklace I wore was my grandmother’s which my mother also wore on her wedding day.

my necklace

This is the best shot that we have of the dried boutonnieres; they were made using wheat, broomcorn and hypericum berries.

marks bout


Instead of lighting a unity candle during our ceremony, we poured together two colors of sand. I found the jar at a vintage shop on south Congress and it now adorns our dresser, reminding us everyday that nothing can ever separate us.

sand ceremony

my flowers

In addition to using the firewood as DIY tealight holders, we also used it to hold some place setting cards and signs on a few tables.


Mark had the awesome idea to set up his iMac in a corner with the photobooth program open so guests could leave us pictures of themselves {serious or not}.


Post about the honey favors here.

honey jars

Our guests were encouraged to take home a pumpkin {or two, or five} for their own fall decoration at home; we also gave out recipes that incorporated cooked pumpkin in case anyone wanted to cook them.

free pumpkins

Our Wedding: The Reception

November 11, 2009


Words cannot describe how amazing our reception was…all of our hard work, attention to detail, stress, late nights, money and most of all our love was poured into making those few hours the best of our lives. And it was.


Our DIY decor created the perfect simple/elegant/personal/country environment; and the best part was that we encouraged our guests to take something with them when the left 1) so they could enjoy a part of our wedding in their home 2) so nothing went to waste 3) so we didn’t have to deal with 125 wooden tea light holders afterwards.


The dancing was so much fun thanks to the wonderful DJ work of my little brother.

dj ben

And no Aggie wedding would be complete without singing the Aggie War Hymn!

war hymn

Mark and I both decided to go the comfortable route when it came to our shoes…I wanted to enjoy the reception and I did not want to have blisters on our honeymoon.

comfy feet

cake cutting

I’ve missed my A&M architecture friends so much! It was so great to see all of them at the wedding, I knew that they would appreciate my extreme perfectionism. :)

arch friends

We had such an amazing evening and I’m so glad that our guests did as well. Having all of our closest friends and family present was a huge blessing, I am very grateful to know so many wonderful people who love us.


Our Wedding: The Family

October 29, 2009


All of my extended family: grandparents, aunt, uncle, brother, mom, dad, cousins & their kids.


Mark and I with Reese, Greer and Steven.


Mark’s family: grandparents, sister, nephew, mom, step-mom, dad, step-sisters, grandparents.

the girls

All of the maids and myself, I just love this picture!

the guys

And the guys, being themselves.


This is my favorite picture of us from the wedding, someday it will find a frame in our home.

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

October 29, 2009

Our ceremony was held outdoors in the shade beneath huge, beautiful oak trees near a small trickling stream. The temperature was pleasant, the music was fun and the cows were mooing the in background…it was perfect.


I watched from my dressing room as the bridal party began their walk down the pathway to the ceremony. Then the flower girls, Reese and Greer, and Steven handed our home-grown sunflower stems to guests as they walked down the aisle.

My dad and I waited patiently for our cue; having that little moment alone with him before it all began was so special. Once we started our walk down, all I could do was look for Mark. As soon as our eyes made contact we both couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear.


The ceremony was so personal and meaningful, Adam did such a great job incorporating some things that Mark and I had said about each other…I believe the words: “he’s a goof” were involved.

from back


And before I knew it, we were married!


Our Wedding: Getting Ready

October 29, 2009

WARNING: This is the beginning of multiple posts containing many wedding pictures. I tried picking out just a few of the best to post that would sum up our wedding as best as possible but that didn’t work out, there are just too many good pictures! {thanks Emily} So, instead of having one huge post, I’m breaking it up into sections…enjoy!

Our wedding day began with lots and lots of preparation, there were hair appointments to make, makeup to do and dresses to put on. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the day, there were so many little moments that I will remember forever.


We had such a fun time hanging out together during those few hours before the wedding. Just what a soon-to-be bride needs, a little girl time with her best friends to keep her calm.



window watching

Once guests started arriving, we would watch them walk down to the ceremony site from our dressing room window. It was so exciting to see everyone filtering in; I think that’s when it became real for me, when I saw friends and family that were there just for our wedding…it was such an amazing feeling.

buttons & ties

guys hanging

Our Wedding: The Programs

October 19, 2009

After being inspired by these creative programs from della stella I designed my own program fans to give our wedding guests a little something to pass the time before the ceremony began.

One thing that I did differently was to attach the ribbon to the program in between the handle and the cardstock. I also painted the pencils a deep red {with much help from my dad} because they were originally this disgusting interesting school bus yellow color that didn’t match anything. Also, instead of drilling holes through the pencils to string the ribbon through, we drilled holes in the bottom and stuffed the ribbon {along with some super glue} into the hole. It looked nice having the ribbon come directly out of the end of the pencil.


Our coordinator urged us not to make programs because she said that they were a waste of time and effort since guests tend to throw them away as soon as the wedding is over. As you can tell my dad and I took that as sort of a challenge to make them so amazing that everyone would want one! We spent waaaaay too much time on these but they turned out amazing!

doing programs

Our Wedding: Sunflowers

October 6, 2009

The sunflowers for our wedding turned out a million times more beautiful than I ever thought possible. We were constantly worried about if the flowers were going to get enough rain {or too much}, if the timing of the planting was right or if the bugs would get to them…but thank God everything came together perfectly.


On the Tuesday before our wedding my mom and I picked flowers for about 2 hours, filling the back of the mule. Then we took them directly to our florist who, despite her already packed schedule, was able to fit us in. Thank you so much Debbie, you did such a wonderful job!


The table arrangements and bouquets were a lovely mixture of varying shades of sunflowers with sprigs of wheat, broomcorn, rosemary and hypericum berries, they were absolutely perfect.


Our Wedding: Honey Favors

October 6, 2009

The little jars of honey turned out to be a big hit at the wedding and they were a lot of fun to make. I used to work at Walker Honey Company and the owners graciously donated the honey as a wedding gift…of course, I had to come pack it myself.


The local clover honey was such a beautiful golden color, I just knew that they were going to fit in with the fall color scheme perfectly.


After they were all filled I attached one of our monogrammed wax seals to each jar using some raffia. One was set at each place setting at the wedding for everyone to take home!