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Una Vez Mas

June 18, 2013

When we honeymooned at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo three years ago we loved it and knew that we wanted to come back, but we also knew that there was one thing that could make our next trip even better…friends! It’s hard to believe that we’ve only known our new California friends for a year and we’re already vacationing together but it was totally meant to be, we had such an amazing time.


We stayed at the La Bonito Pacifica resort and it did not disappoint one bit. Our room was lovely, the beach was gorgeous, the service was excellent and the food was beyond delicious.



The Krouts and the Stearns…our new favorite vacation buddies!


Just as before on our previous trip to Cabo, the beaches were stunning but the waves were harsh and the wind was strong enough to sandblast your legs; not exactly ideal for laying out. Our resort had two great pools though and we all spend plenty of time lounging around them reading, napping and working on our tans.


Mark had fun trying to outrun the waves while I kept my distance and picked up shells instead. A few mornings we went for a walk on the beach and as we walked we could see crabs all over the place, scurrying away into their holes for safety.


One day we all shared a cab to downtown and the marina where we did a little souvenir shopping {I bought a huge bottle of Mexican vanilla for only $9!}. From there we chartered a boat taxi for just the six of us – beers included – to Los Arcos; the water was the most perfect aqua color and the day couldn’t have been any more beautiful.


Mark and I  bought this cute little wooden crab because it reminded us of the crabs we saw on the beach and on the rock walls at the marina. He matches the small, wooden pelican that we bought on our previous trip.


cabo07  cabo09

We never wanted that week to end…great time spent with great friends, relaxation to the max. We’re already dreaming up our next Rand/Krout/Stearns vacation…Hawaii???



Parents’ Weekend Visit

April 5, 2013

{I’ve gotten so behind on blogging lately and I have no excuse, except laziness. Does that count as a valid excuse? Eh, probably not…oh well!}

About a month ago my parents came to visit us for a few days and we had such a great time showing them around our new home. We knew that we wanted to take them to Monterey so on the morning of our first full day we headed out and didn’t stop until we hit the coast.



We visited Lover’s Point Park, did some shopping and had lunch on Cannery Row, saw some sea otters and made our way down 17 Mile Drive, stopping at Pebble Beach along the way.


The next morning we went into the city and since it was a nice, clear day we drove up to the top of Twin Peaks for a breathtaking view of all of San Francisco.


From the peak we could see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, the Bay Bridge and the other bridges in south bay.



Then we drove north through the city towards Fisherman’s Wharf pointing out Union Square, Chinatown and Lombard street along the way. We parked at Pier 39 and walked down to Ghirardeli Square, making sure to pop into our favorite sourdough bakery too!



We indulged in a little ice cream at Ghirardeli but were soon hungry again from all the walking so we made our way back to the pier to have a fresh crab lunch.


The sea lions were fun to watch for a bit. They were laying out on the docks warming themselves on the beautiful, sunny day.


To show my parents some more of the greater bay area we took the long route home; we left the city going north over the Golden Gate passing through Sausalito to San Rafael, took the Richmond bridge back over the bay then drove through Berkeley and Oakland before hitting 24 to take us to Walnut Creek then home to San Ramon.


It was a fun visit and I’m sure we wore my parents out but we just couldn’t resist showing them some of the awesome places to go and see in California!


Cabo…Here We Come!

April 14, 2009


We finally decided where we’re going on our honeymoon…Cabo San Lucas, Mexcio! I absolutely cannot wait, five days of lounging on the beach with my husband, words can’t even begin to describe how amazing that will be.

Mark just booked our flights this morning so it’s official!

Reminiscing About Hawaii

February 26, 2009


I was just scanning through my iPhoto library and I found this picture from our trip to Hawaii in 2006.  I wish there was a way I could be transported to this exact spot just for 15 minutes…how relaxing would that be?

This is actually the beach where Jess and I spent countless hours picking up pieces of sea glass from the sand; all of which we brought home with us and half of which is now in a jar in my bathroom.

I want to go back….like, now.